Everything seems to be quantity over quality these days but Crumb Bakery is breaking the mold. Crumb Bakery offers small batch ENORMOUS gourmet cookies that are handmade with the best ingredients. We offer a variety of fun cookie flavors and are constantly experimenting and expanding our menu. We really love what we do. We are a small family owned online business serving the Houston, TX area directly and ship across the United States. We also provide cookies for the office, birthday parties, bridal showers and any events that could be improved with cookies.

Crumb Bakery started out as a love for creating meals and treats for loved ones and evolved into a passion for the culinary industry. While working jobs that were not related to the culinary field, our head pastry chef found herself longing to be in a kitchen but working in a kitchen meant giving up large amounts of time with her family. She experienced this sacrifice working as a pastry chef (60 plus hours a week) in a fine dining restaurant in her hometown of College Station, TX. That is how Crumb Bakery came about.