“With enough butter, anything is good.” -Julia Child

So I promised a blog dedicated to one of the greatest loves of my life: butter. I am not sure if this love for butter came from my early favorite chefs: Julia Child and Paula Dean. Both had a similar obsession with butter but two very different chefs. To be completely honest, it is probably […]

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All in my feels…

Baking being your happy place can be a downfall. Sounds insane, right? I know what you are thinking,  “Oh my gosh, your family must eat cookies and treats all of the time! How is that a downfall?” Well yes, they do. However, it’s not all butterflies and cookies. There’s a little issue we like to call […]

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In the beginning…

Many people will ask you “why did you choose to do what you do?” My answer to that is very simple. Baking is my happy place. It is an outlet for when my world seems to be falling apart. Often times I look like I have it together when most days inside I’m a wreck […]

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