In the beginning…

Many people will ask you “why did you choose to do what you do?”

My answer to that is very simple. Baking is my happy place.

It is an outlet for when my world seems to be falling apart. Often times I look like I have it together when most days inside I’m a wreck who just wants to hide out in the kitchen baking away or curl up with a book and escape (maybe add a cookie to that scenario too). This company has come at the perfect time in my life and I realized as I am writing this… Crumb may save me from my chaotic world. Because everything that was falling apart is starting to piece itself back together along with myself. It all started just a few months ago when I met a special guy and he truly wanted to help me make my dreams come true so here I am today starting my own business with his help. That was the beginning of Crumb but my love for baking started a long time before a few months ago.

I started baking at a young age with my Mom and Grandma (which mostly consisted of licking batter off of bowls and spoons) and I thought I was a real chef. I have never wanted to be anything but a chef. I have even tried out other careers but always longed to go back into the kitchen. As I got older, I fell more in love with the culinary scene… not necessarily the routine or artistic side of baking, but, because of how it made others feel when I baked for them and how it made me feel to accomplish the finished product. The last few years have been the toughest of my life and baking, among a few very important people, is always consistent.

I love helping other people and I enjoy making them feel better. I don’t have many talents but I am pretty decent at baking. So that’s what I did… whenever someone was down or needed a friend I would bake. It wasn’t always cookies either but I did choose to revolve my business around cookies because cookies are an interesting animal – Take the chocolate chip cookie or as we at Crumb call it, The Chip. There really is only one recipe for a chocolate chip cookie but our cookies will taste completely different than your neighbors or your grandma‚Äôs. That’s what fascinates me about baking, all you have to do is change the order in which you mix things or just a different type of ingredient and then you have a completely different chocolate chip cookie from the last. Want to know how Crumb creates their decadent chocolate chip cookie? Stay tuned… I’m not afraid to share a few of our secrets… just not all of them.


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