“With enough butter, anything is good.” -Julia Child

So I promised a blog dedicated to one of the greatest loves of my life: butter.

I am not sure if this love for butter came from my early favorite chefs: Julia Child and Paula Dean. Both had a similar obsession with butter but two very different chefs. To be completely honest, it is probably just because butter can take an average item from edible and take it a level so amazing you crave this food in your sleep.

Making a steak? Add some butter…
Malt loaf? (I just learned about this little gem) Throw some butter on it…
Big bowl of pasta? Butter it.
Lobster? BUTTER. (lobster is tied with cookies for being the best food on the planet… in my professional opinion.)

Today we are baking with butter, y'all.
Today we are baking with butter, y’all.

Yes. Let us discuss that. When you make cookies what is the right ingredient to use? It depends what you want out of your cookies.

We decided to test out the different options of butter and shortening in our cookies. We used all butter and they tasted alright but they were flat and texture was a bit heavy. Then we tried all shortening and they were fluffy but they just lacked a little something special. After that test run some magic happened… what if we use BOTH in our cookies. That was the answer. We wanted the fluffiness and depth that you get when you use shortening but we did not want to sacrifice the yummy factor (yeah, that’s a thing as of right now) that butter in cookies brings to the table.

In all of our cookies, we use a 50/50 blend of butter and shortening when we cream it together with the sugar. Our big secret is out. Ok, so it isn’t like a presidential candidate releasing classified information like our nuclear reaction time during a debate but it is pretty close. What do you use when you make cookies??


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